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Bespoke Solutions For Your Business

At 3DGBIRE we have built our success on 3D system reliability, accuracy and speed.  Our focus as the exclusive warranty provider for our product range is unrivalled in the industry and the products we sell pass stringent testing.
We provide a 360 degree service from Design Engineering through to implementing bespoke 3D printing systems.  Our supply chain are market leaders and as we only select the best machines our technical support staff know our range inside out, so that we can give the best advise and ensure reliability.

3D Printers

Our range of 3D printers brings together the best of professional desktop and 3D printing systems technologies. If you are looking to implement your first 3D printer or if you are looking for an automated, safe and reliable print farming system, we have all the expertise and equipment required to drive down development costs and bring products to market sooner.
All of our 3D printers and relating systems come with integration, training, service and warranty options to suit your business needs.  Our knowledgable staff can help you to find the moist suitable 3D printer or system for your business requirements.  We have helped many different companies in many differing industries to find useful cost saving applications beyond the 3D printer primary use that can help to achieve a return on your investment is no time.

Ultimaker 3D


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Photocentric 3D Printers


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3D Scanners

Restoration and reverse engineering are complex procedures often requiring designers to spend days measuring and analysing.  Our 3D scanning technologies take all the pain away from recreating end-of-life-parts or re-creating an ancient artefact, point, scan, save and print for an easily achieved, accurate re-creation of your piece.
3D scanners are also a very popular solution for creating organic shapes into a digital, printable file.  Our customers are already benefiting from the personalisation capabilities of combining 3D scanning with a 3D printer. Personalised ergonomics is the future of product design, scanning people and creating products bespoke to every customer is now possible and without the need for complex tooling procedures you can save development costs too.
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Printing Materials

Materials development for 3D printing is a rapidly expanding sector.  Our expert knowledge of the latest developments and products helps us to ensure that you are printing with the most suitable material for the project.  Increases in materials capability mean many industries are utilising 3D printing materials to open up more and more applications, not just for prototyping.
Whether you are printing a concept model, tool, jig, mould pattern or final production part, we have the materials expertise to help you make the right choice.  Our systems are capable of printing thousands of different materials and our staff are well versed in finding perfect solutions.
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Software is the backbone of any system and our expert knowledge of CAD, CAM, Slicing, Scanning and Mesh Fixing software for 3D printing.  We can ensure that your system is able to cope with the demands of tight deadlines and other pressures to complete the job with time to kill.

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