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What is Industry 4.0 ?

Initially coined in Germany the term Industry 4.0 has become increasing popular.
Debates about an industrial revolution do not negate the impact that 21st century technologies is having.

This technology driven change is enabling interoperability between man and machine in  data managed cyber-physical systems.

Additive manufacturing is a key enabler in the smart factory vision of adoptees. To find out more about how our team can help get in touch.

Functional Prototyping

The smartest and most cost effective way to design.  3D printing has revolutionised prototyping decreasing the time of production to hours and the costs of prototypes to fractions.

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Parts Production

Removing the costs of tooling for small-volume, highly accurate, customised parts is now a possibility with 3D printing. A world of materials and finishes that rival injection moulding…

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Concept Models

The future is now. Designing and producing concept models can take a matter of hours, at minimal costs and with and almost Labour-free experience. 3DGBIRE’s foundations are in…

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Molds & Castings

3D printing patterns and molds is a highly accurate method that doesn’t have the associated costs of traditional mould making. Investment casting, injection molding and production parts are…

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Machining tools, jigs or fixtures in metal is a thing of the past. Cost, weight and storage problems are something you live with or you just cope without that part. 3D printing gives you the freedom…

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Whether to test the market or to allow your customers into the design process earlier 3D printing allows a quicker, cost saving method of delivering a beautifully crafted product.

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