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Fast and risk-free product design

Making up to 100 iterations per product, Bhold has significantly minimized the risks, shortened the time to market and reduced prototyping costs associated with new product design. In addition, 3D printing opened a whole new world of complex and beautiful geometries that were impossible to achieve with traditional alternatives.

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“With 3D printing, I was able to launch my first 4 products to the market within only 3 months. Traditional methods would require me to already produce the item before making it available, and each individual product takes anywhere between 9 months to a year to complete development and production. So, what took me only 3 months might have taken me between 2 to 4 years otherwise.”

Susan Taing, CEO / Founder of Bhold

Bhold – Introduction

The Bhold studio creates engaging products, designed to solve a range of everyday problems. Unlike traditional product design brands, their designs are enhanced by cutting-edge technology and verified by a community of beta-testers worldwide. Bhold is driven by a desire to bring efficiency and sustainability to their manufacturing process; using technology to create cost-effective designs
and making data-driven decisions at each stage of development. Production is only scaled once the design is fully market-tested and proven. Products are easily perfected via a global beta-testing program facilitated using 3D printers.


Traditional manufacturing methods are extremely limiting for companies like Bhold. They don’t allow enough design freedom; and creating prototypes is a lengthy, costly process. Taking a traditional route would hold up product launches and reduce the number of products coming to market each year. Additionally, product-testing would be far more complicated and time-consuming. Bhold needed a reasonably priced solution for these challenges.


By using Ultimaker 3D printers, Bhold revolutionized their product design process. Creating prototypes is now cheap and easy and reduces risk in the development phases. 3D printing removes many of the constraints associated with product manufacturing, giving the company complete design freedom. “Within hours,” Taing says, “I can have a real-life version of my product in hand to study and improve where necessary. This shrinks the development process from months to a matter of days.”


3D printing and access to the global network of users allows Bhold to scale design and testing in a way that isn’t possible with any other method. Bhold’s collaboration with Ultimaker means anyone around the world with a 3D printer can download a digital file, print the design on their printer and send in feedback immediately. This eliminates problems with shipping, damage from transport and handling and delays in international shipping. Each product gathers the maximum amount of testing data and is shaped with real-world feedback. Bhold and users can see how concepts evolve over time.

Cost and Time Saved using 3D Printing

Traditionally, cost depends on the product, method and material chosen. Each prototype must be created from scratch or modified from a temporary mould. Labor and materials are easily over $100 per prototype. This results in fewer iterations and much less testing to keep the project on budget. With 3D printing, Bhold can produce between 25 and 40 versions of the same budget.

External suppliers Ultimaker 3D printers






2 weeks/prototype

8 hours/prototype
Using her Ultimaker 3D printer, Susan reduces the time involved with prototyping from weeks to hours while saving significant costs.

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