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Volkswagen Automotive

Maximizing production efficiency with 3D printed tools, jigs, and fixtures.

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MATT Architecture

MATT Architecture significantly reduced the time and expense required to produce detailed models.

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Honeybee Robotics

Honeybee Robotics use 3D Printing for rapid design iterations for the early project stages

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Bhold Gain Complete Design Freedom with 3D Printing

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Dr. Boyd Goldie

Instant surgical planning with low-cost 3D printed bone models

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ABB Robotics

ABB Robotics reduced prototyping time from weeks to hours

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Julian Hakes

Model scaling is easy, and it’s far simpler to communicate ideas

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Tucci Hot Rods

3D printed car components for time and cost savings

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A desktop prototyping solution for a fast-paced design firm

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3D printing technology create faster results with reduced labour

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The Jefferson Health Design Lab

3D printed encouraging innovation and design thinking among medical school students

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A watch that you could keep customising as your tastes change, using 3D Printing technology

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Cranfield University

3D printers to develop some of the cheapest customizable microfluidics ever made

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Having on-site part design and production in the same facility eliminates the delays associated with traditional manufacturing and parts sourcing


3D printers made it possible to create functioning beta units of their automated hydroponics systems

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Increasing design flexibility and improving product testing phases with 3D Printing

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3D printed final parts for high-value snow machine

Snow Business

3D Printing speeda up iterative R&D process while achieving significant cost savings

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Traditionally, it would take 4 weeks of development time to complete a project such as this yacht propeller. If changes in the design required tool modifications, this would come at a cost of around £1,500


Significant time and cost saving for fewer tooling modifications with 3D Printers

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3D printed final parts for air scrubbers unit designed for 3D Printers

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Dalmore Whisky Display

Artist Design

3D printing method was more in line with our costs requirements

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Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt
Orthopaedic Hospital

3D Printing potential to dramatically improve patient care and recovery rates

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