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3D Printing for Moulds & Castings

3D printing patterns and moulds is a highly accurate method of production free from many of the associated costs of traditional processes. Investment casting, injection moulding and production parts are now benefiting from the complexity of design available when combining 3D printing and conventional moulding techniques. At 3DGBIRE we have a wealth of software, materials, hardware and automation knowledge that we’re excited to share to save you time, money and effort when producing patterns and moulds.

Why Choose 3D Printing for Moulds and Casting?

  • Optimised complex parts and assemblies
  • Improve injection moulding cycle times and reduce time-to-first part
  • Fast iterations of test moulds increasing quality of final parts
  • Create investment casting patterns in hours at minimal cost
  • Environmentally friendly, typically using 90% of the raw material, also saving material costs.

Where 3D Printing Can be used with Moulds & Castings

3D printing is changing the way people make moulds and patterns. The geometric freedom of 3D printing is allowing pattern makers to ask their customers if there are ways to push the design rather than having to make compromises to it. The possibility of generative design to reduce materials and weight can now be a focus.

  • Custom 3D printed moulds with geometric freedom
  • Investment casting
  • Silicone moulds
  • Injection moulds

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