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The freedom to iterate at every stage

When engineering bold new designs, 3D printing let’s you try new prototypes, address problems and find solutions as you go, all in just a matter of hours. Even designs with complex internal structures and geometries, something traditional methods just can’t offer.  Aerospace companies are utilising 3D printing technology to dramatically reduce development costs.  3D printing allows generative design principles to be applied easily and efficiently. The geometric freedom made possible by 3D printing technologies allows designers to reduce the amount of material used to a minimum and achieve maximum strength more efficiently than ever before.

Producing prototypes earlier allows designers to communicate ideas with additional members of the production team clearly and easily, there is no replacement for a tactile object. 3D printing allows you to develop parts quickly that fit perfectly, iterate freely and drive down development times. Printing concept prototypes on your desktop and producing functional prototypes in a wide range of materials is cheaper, quicker and easier than ever.


Develop Your Ideas Quickly and Efficiently

3D printing reduces the development process from months to days. A bold statement but the cost of material and time for tooling let alone for the production of parts can all now be achieved with 3D printing. Additive production means that less than 10% of material is waste (compare this to CNC, Laser Cutting etc) and the wide variety of materials and high accuracy mean that short run parts can be produced without the need for tooling.

3DGBIRE pride ourselves on working out the perfect solution for your requirements. From desktop to factory floor we have your concept models, functional prototypes, End-use parts, tools, jigs, fixtures, moulds and castings covered.  If you want to speed up your process from design to final product and reduce costs at the same time, we have the solution for you.


Exactly what you need, Precisely when you need it.

Within hours you can create low-volume, highly accurate, customised parts right from 3D CAD data. At your disposal is a world of materials and finishes that rival injection moulding and you don’t have the cost constraints of tooling either.

The ability to customise and personalise parts to fit your requirements precisely at no additional cost means that even the tightest of budgets can benefit from this technology. Couple this with the geometric freedom available through additive processes and you have a system that can produce high precision parts on repeat with tweaks at a lower cost per part than machining or moulding.

A wide range of materials allows you to move from concept model to fit test and on to production of final part with no tooling requirements. Our staff have a wealth of materials knowledge that can help you create the perfect system from safe office concept printing to producing a short run manufacturing batch.


Add some thrust to your production process

With its streamlined and efficient method, 3D printing is shrinking supply chains, reducing development times and increasing the ability to adapt to customers’ needs. This isn’t the future of manufacturing – it’s now.

Additive manufacturing in metals and is the premium solution for aerospace engineering and advances in polymer technologies now allow for high tensile strength, heat resistant and chemical resistant thermoplastics reducing the cost of aerospace standard parts development and production. 3D printing is a rapidly developing industry with a vast array of solutions, developments and processes.  Don’t get lost in the hype, 3DGBIRE has helped aerospace companies to find cost saving solutions in design engineering, prototyping, functional testing, parts production and many other areas.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all types of additive layer manufacture and here at 3DGBIRE we have a friendly team with a wide range of knowledge. We have many happy customers in the aerospace field and we’re sure we can find a cost saving, efficiency driving solution for you.


Talk to an Expert

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Implementing a new technology can be a painful experience, slowing down your core business and not returning results immediately.  Let our team take your headaches away, our knowledge of integrating 3D printing into different industries and applications is second to none. We’d love to hear about your project and help you find the right solution.

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Whether to test the market or to allow your customers into the design process earlier 3D printing allows a quicker, cost saving method of delivering a beautifully crafted product.

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