Volkswagen Achieve Huge Savings in Cost and Time

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//Volkswagen Achieve Huge Savings in Cost and Time
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Maximizing production efficiency with 3D printed tools, jigs, and fixtures

By using 3D printed tools, jigs, and fixtures, Volkswagen Autoeuropa reduces cycle time operation, labour, and the need for reworking, while improving tool ergonomics. Furthermore, they achieve this at a tenth of the usual cost. The company were on track in 2017 to save €250,000 which had already been surpassed by the end of the year, and they now estimate €325,000 in savings.

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“The timings and costs to produce tools led us to a fast ROI, better product quality and satisfaction throughout the entire process – from development stages to the final product. Our innovative 3D printed products are being used in several areas and are considered best practices within the Volkswagen Group.”

Luis Pascoa, Pilot Plant Manager at Volkswagen Autoeuropa

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Volkswagen Autoeuropa – Introduction

Traditionally, subtractive processes focus on manufacturing tools for mass production or production of stringent requirement components. In contrast, the additive approach dominates rapid prototyping processes – providing much greater flexibility in the necessary construction time. With Ultimaker’s 3D printers, Volkswagen Autoeuropa could test solutions without having to contact suppliers, saving considerable time. As a result, purchasing costs were reduced (by 91% when compared to working with external suppliers), implementation time cut (95%), ergonomic improvements were made, assembly processes and quality indices improved, and potential problems were easily anticipated at the concept stage. The company’s short-term goal is to create more prototypes, gauges, tools, and spare parts in-house, reducing development time and acceptance testing even further. Ultimaker provides the flexibility and autonomy for continuous improvement, with a direct impact on ergonomics and quality. In the future, they look to further expand on these benefits – with the production of large series which will be applied to the final product


Before working with Ultimaker, Volkswagen Autoeuropa used third-party suppliers to manufacture their tools. The process took several weeks, especially when multiple designs or assemblies were required. It also meant more paperwork, quotations, and the adoption of a trial-and-error approach, all of which were holding up the tool manufacturing process – at additional cost.

Printing parts on-demand in-house accelerates the build and delivery process. Manufacturers using Ultimaker 3D printers often see a 40% to 90% lead time reductio
A previously impractical jig or fixture design is now a viable option; function and performance become the main drivers of design, not cost or time


After validating the concept in 2014, Volkswagen Autoeuropa now has seven Ultimaker 3D printers in operation, with 93% of manufactured tools previously made externally now created in-house. Within two years, their assembly-tooling cost savings rose – from 70% to 95%. Ultimaker enabled Volkswagen Autoeuropa to test solutions without having to contact suppliers, reducing the time taken by an average of eight weeks


Volkswagen Autoeuropa can now avoid processes that waste the company’s time and money, which benefits the team and improves the final product. As Luis Pascoa, Pilot Plant Manager at Volkswagen Autoeuropa told us: “It’s a simple process – we just convert our idea to a 3D file, send to the 3D printer, post-process the part, evaluate with functional testing, and finish by implementing the idea.”

Ultimaker enabled Volkswagen Autoeuropa to:
• Make even complex concepts a reality
• Develop ideas quickly and easily
• 3D print concepts on the same day as design – shrinking the development process from months to a matter of days
• Reduce costs by testing prototypes, rather than redesigning or altering an existing mould

No tooling or machining is required to build a model. The cost is far less than traditional manufacturing methods, and the results can be tailored to match exact requirements

Volkswagen Saving Costs using Ultimaker 3D Printers

The reduction in time taken and cost to produce prototypes led to a higher ROI, a better quality product, and more customer satisfaction. Innovative 3D printed products of Volkswagen Autoeuropa are being used in several applications and are considered best practices in the Volkswagen group. 3D printing enabled them to test construction and assembly tools, reduce their development times by 95%, and avoid the bureaucratic process of dealing with suppliers. By printing prototypes in- house, Volkswagen Autoeuropa achieved a 91% cost reduction (approximately €150,000 per year).

External suppliers Ultimaker 3D printers
Cost per part
Cost per part
Project duration

56 days
Project duration

10 days
Used during the positioning and screw assembly to prevent scratches /damage to the wheels. Without this protection, scrap cost can be huge.

Why choose a 3D Printer in Automotive?

  • Eliminate Ambiguity – Hold a real-life model of the concept
  • Improve Time Efficiency – Print both batches and bespoke pieces, let the print do the work for you
  • Achieve Authenticity – Recreate textures, finishes and colours to add even further dimension
  • Attain Complex Geometries – Realise your most complex and intricate designs
  • Minimal Running Costs – By using up to 90% of the raw material, reach maximum cost-effectiveness

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